We expect to lose more options for  long-term care coverage in Washington as we draw closer to the state’s exemption deadline. Unfortunately, LTC insurance carriers are limiting the number of policies that can be sold now. At this point, it’s also impossible to guarantee that an approval on cases submitted after this week will meet the Nov. 1st deadline for tax exemption. Agents and carriers throughout the state are inundated with new applicants.

For those who have a higher W-2 Income (over $150,000 per year), the amount of income transferred to Washington State in the coming years is likely to be very impactful. Given the limitations of the LTC market this week and until Oct. 31st, we strongly encourage you to set an appointment with Mark Rogers by visiting our LTC page. Filling out an initial intake form will help expedite the quoting process.

Long-Term Care Solutions designed for higher-income earners will still be available in the near future. Please be be patient as we work through the many applicants already in the pipeline.