Did you know vintage travel trailers were “a thing?” They have enjoyed popularity for a few years now… For those of you interested in maybe checking some out, here’s a list of rallies and events across the country this summer (Along with some fun vintage pics): 27 Vintage Trailer Rallies (Be sure to check ahead for 2021 dates and information). There’s even a great little rally right here in Roslyn, Washington… generally in June, on Fathers Day weekend! If you go, you can can take a peek inside some of the trailers on display and browse the vendors on hand. Just be sure to check out the town of Roslyn, as well.

Roslyn is about 140 miles northwest of the Tri-Cities area and is surrounded by forest land great for hiking, camping, fishing, gold panning, and rock hounding. The historic downtown still boosts the moose mural made famous in the television series, Northern Exposure. And the local watering hole, “The Brick” is billed as the oldest continuously operating tavern in the state of Washington. Here’s a few other things to look for in Roslyn, Washington.

But back to vintage trailers… Tina Headley, our JPI agent in Walla Walla, likes to buy and restore vintage trailers. Check out her current project in the picture below! And she’s not the only one in the JPI family who’s into trailer restoration and/or camping. There are more than a few of us who love to enjoy the Pacific Northwest in comfort and style!

Do you have a trailer you’re readying for the summer season? Vintage or not, be sure to get it travel-ready and check your current insurance coverage before you hit the road.

Tina’s trailer is a 60s era Ken-Craft, and it isn’t her first project trailer! She recently sold a vintage trailer she restored and currently uses this one for camping while working on the restoration. Ken-Craft made trailers from the mid 50s to the late 70s. They were one of the first travel trailers molded in fiberglass, a relatively new material at the time selected because it was both strong and lightweight.