Support Local Tee

Your purchase helps member businesses recoup the cost of redeemed coupons.

From the moment we realized this year’s flu was different, Tri-Cities businesses took a series of hits. It started with an initial slowdown, and for some proceeded very quickly to a complete shutdown. Local business owners have struggled incrementally with each new barrier to delivering their goods and services just to survive. Now we all must adjust to what is being called “the new normal.”

As your insurance agent, JPI has been at the epicenter of all this. Our hearts go out to each and every one of you. And we mean, EVERY business owner… not just our clients.

We are proud of our own Jon Patterson, who has worked tirelessly since the onset of this outbreak to help assure the survival of local businesses. He’s been working with Nathan Robertson of Spotted Fox, and together they cooked up this idea to bring relief to the business community hurting from the shutdown.

It’s simple. Just go to Spend $25, and get a $50 certificate to use in July or later! And Spotted Fox Deals gives ALL profits to our local businesses! In addition, there’s a limited edition “Save The Tri-Cities” T-Shirt for $25. Again, all profits go to member businesses to help offset the discounted coupons!

Jon Patterson says, “I’m sure many of you spend more than $100 in a month at our retail businesses, so I challenge you to support 4 different businesses today if you can afford it!” It’s a win-win-win program! Business owners get a quick influx of cash, you get a great deal. And it’s all done safely, from the comfort of your own home!

This effort raised over $5000 in the first day and continues into April.