It’s already been an exciting year here at JPI. We’ve gone from late winter ice storms that wreaked havoc in Salem and surrounding communities, to spring winds that took down trees and power lines in the Tri-Cities.

Now that spring is officially here, one of my favorite things to do is sip coffee on a brisk morning, dive into a book and watch the sun rise. It’s amazing to contemplate all our Creator has made and just how magnificent it is how it all works together; the universes, the planets in motion, the heating of the sun and the cooling of the clouds, the migration of the birds, the coming to life of the flowers and trees, and the protection from above… All of this before I even leave for work! (I also like those unseasonably warm spring days when I can sneak away in the afternoon for a round of golf!)

Spring is a great time to shake things up, too… clean out clutter and start new disciplines. As a company, we never let the grass grow under our feet. We’re always shaking things up. For a few weeks now, all of us here have been working on a series about the positive impact of cultivating good habits. It’s been personally and professionally beneficial to me, and a lot of our agents report the same. Even small changes in your routine can amount to big changes in your life. For example, just the habit of eating a healthy breakfast can boost your happiness and your income!

At JPI, one of the habits we’ve cultivated is reaching out to our clients every year to update their information, review their coverage, and make any necessary changes. Reviewing your coverage annually is recommended by financial experts and the really cool thing is we do all the work, so you don’t have to! That’s the advantage of having an independent agent.

It’s what we call “Loving People Through Insurance.”