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September is National Preparedness Month and what a great time to prepare for extreme weather. What would YOUR family do if you were facing an extended power outage due to severe weather, or suddenly had to leave your home because of a natural disaster? Experts recommend having supplies for at least three days ready to go just in case something unexpected happens and your family needs to evacuate.

In the spring we covered a well-stocked emergency kit for your pets. You can find that HERE.

Having supplies on hand and a well-stocked emergency kit ready to go can assure your confidence and comfort in an emergency and may even save a life.

  • Food – Be prepared for at least three days, with enough food for each family member (pets included). Disposable plates, cups, and utensils, plus napkins will make things easier… And don’t forget the can opener if canned foods are included in your kit.
  • Water – The general rule of thumb is one gallon of potable water, per day, per family member (+ pets).
  • Prescription Medications – This is a great place for your spare pair of eyeglasses and a week’s supply of any prescription medications needed for you or other family members.
  • Essentials & First Aid Supplies – You’ll want to include a few survival essentials like a lighter, flashlight, extra batteries, wind up radio, signaling whistle, and first aid kit. You can put your first aid kit together yourself or buy one ready made for your family size and specific needs.
  • Individual Items – A few changes of clothing and a blanket or sleeping bag for each member of the family will assure your comfort should you be away from your home for a few days. Don’t forget rain gear and/or a warm jacket and sturdy shoes for everyone.
  • Basic Hygiene – It’s difficult to predict exactly where you’ll end up, despite the best of plans. Providing for your basic hygiene will help no matter the accommodations; basic toiletries for everyone, hand sanitizer, garbage bags and ties, and a disinfectant (like bleach) or sanitizing wipes could make your temporary situation safer and healthier for everyone.

Bonus TIP: When faced with the stress of an unexpected evacuation, a few comfort items could go a long way to make things just a tiny bit more bearable for everyone. Age-appropriate books, toys, or games that are small and portable could help you pass the time, especially if you have young children.

Keep everything in an easy to grab backpack, tote, or duffel bag along with a phone charger and some cash and put it in a convenient spot where it is easy to grab and go.

You can find a ton of great resources here.

National Preparedness Month

Having these essentials may come in handy.