It has been said that a love letter is the most timeless way to express love. In “The Notebook,” we saw the romantic act of Ryan Gosling sending Rachel McAdams hundreds of love letters despite the distance and social differences that separated them. There is something about the act of transferring thoughts to paper that is profoundly romantic.

In our busy lives, electronic communication provides a convenient yet impersonal mode of communication, and the handwritten note is a rarity. But what constitutes a love letter and what makes it “official”? A love letter reveals an expression of love and affection. It serves as a way for one person to communicate to another, using words or phrases that reflect thoughts and actions. It can rhyme, contain quotes, or be entirely free form. After all, it’s the thought that counts. A letter can be delivered by the Pony Express, postal service, e-mail, carrier pigeon, Facebook post, or by tweet but the method of transportation makes the message no less meaningful.

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