Love can be corny at times, but when you believe as I do you that each of us have a mission or purpose in life, love is anything but corny. As we’ve worked to define our mission here at JPI, we’ve come to sum it up in one brief statement, “Loving People Through Insurance!” How we go about that takes a bit deeper dive, so here goes…

I’m familiar with four types of love:

eros – attraction

Philia – friendship

Storge – love of parent for child

Agape – the unconditional love of mankind

Eros – While we can’t make insurance very attractive, we try to offer insurance carriers that deliver better than industry standards of satisfaction. The companies we work with have made themselves attractive through superior claim handling and community involvement.

Philia – We strive to build relationships with our clients. We want to be more than just a “bottom line price” commodity-selling company. We reach out to our clients as often as we can to keep them apprised of upcoming events or situations, as well as insurance and community related events.

Storge – As parent to child (and sometimes in reverse), we give clients our professional advice. We want to offer the coverage and endorsements we feel will best cover their net worth. We like to think we offer more peace of mind than buying insurance online from some company in NYC! Our recommendations might not always line up with a client’s current budget or goals, but that advice can reveal to clients the risk they take each day and how to mitigate it.

Agape – Since this form of love is often attributed to God and therefore given at an unattainable level, it’s hard to weave this into a blog about auto, home, life and business insurance. That said, our contracts with clients are what are called “contracts of adhesion.” That means the insurance company offers the contractual coverage for the life of the contract unconditionally, while the customer… YOU… are able pull away from the contract to work with another agent or carrier at any time. I had it explained to me years ago that the company is “glued” to the contract, while the insured is “velcro’d.” It made sense to me!

Now that you better understand our mission and how we fulfill it, feel free to reach out to us and share a story about how your company… or any company… makes customers feel loved. We’d love to share it with our 10,000 plus members in an upcoming newsletter or on our website and social media platforms.

Much love!