Dave Only Endorses The Best!

Congrats on taking your first step towards better home & auto insurance,
the Dave Ramsey way!

As your Locally Endorsed Insurance Provider, we've earned Dave's recommendation through our extensive track record and fantastic customer service. Next Steps:

  1. Listen to Dave Ramsey.   DONE
  2. Visit Dave's website to find your ELP. DONE
  3. Enter contact information.   DONE
  4. We'll reach out right away to start quoting with over a dozen insurance companies.
  5. We'll call back with your Dave Ramsey recommended coverage limits.
  6. You join the JPI team and continue on your debt-free path.
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Be on the lookout for an email and phone call from one of our ELP agents.

Why use a Dave Ramsey ELP Independent Insurance Agent?

It's simple actually. Choice, ethics, and professionalism.


A shocking number of people in our country grossly overpay for car, home, and many other types of insurance without even realizing it. A Dave Ramsey ELP in Kennewick like us, works for you, not the insurance company.


They are not limited to a single financial company’s products or plans. Independent advisors like us can search dozens of insurance products and tools from many reputable insurance companies.


And best of all, it’s absolutely free to work with a Dave Ramsey ELP independent insurance professional!


Wondering what to do next?


So, you listen to Dave. You visited his website and found us. Now all you have to do is wait!


We'll be in touch soon to do your shopping for you, providing quotes from more than a dozen insurance companies.


Now that you're part of the JPI team, you can move on to your next Baby Step. Good luck in your debt-free journey!

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