Since the passing of Betty White last week, we’ve started seeing animal welfare groups on social media asking that you make a donation in her honor for her birthday. She would have turned 100th this January 17th. I like to think she’ll laugh at this and say, “Look! I’m STILL fundraising for animals… I told you I’d never retire!”

Most people seem to know she was a kind and funny person who loved animals, but not everyone knows she dedicated much of her life to animal causes. This article from Today One of Betty White’s Greatest Legacies is Helping Animals ( reads like a Who’s Who in the world of animal welfare and honors her for her many contributions. Did you know she’s partly responsible for that statement in movie credits that says no animals were harmed during the making of this movie? Or that when she passed away, she was an honorary zookeeper with the American Association of Zoo Keepers? It’s crazy how many organizations she’s helped over the years and the impact her life has had on animals around the world!

Anyway, at JPI we didn’t start a campaign for local animal rescues because of the stories we read online. We’re dedicated to giving back to our communities year-round. This year as part of our end of year giving, we carved out some time and money to help local rescues overwhelmed by animals in need because of an unfortunate human-caused situation. Through “The 12 Pawesome Days of Christmas” we collected donations of food and supplies for four local rescues, made a small contribution to each of their veterinary accounts, purchased blankets and other needed items, and dedicated much of December to letting others know how much these organizations do for animals who sometimes have no other hope.

Local rescues generally operate on a shoestring, surviving in large part through the generosity of their volunteers. When they ask for help, it’s usually so they can say yes to more animals. In honor of Betty White’s upcoming birthday, we’d like to challenge you to give where your spirit moves you. If you have a heart for animals, we know of a few great local organizations who would WELCOME any contribution you make.


YOU Can Help!

Check out the Wish Lists below and purchase a needed item or two.

Donate a gift card from your favorite pet supply source.

Call their vet and put money on their account! (PRO TIP: They especially appreciate this one!)

“We save the dogs that need help the most, the dogs whose time has run out, the dogs who have lost all hope — the forgotten dogs.”
Wish List: Dog food (preferably corn free), crates, blankets, towels, collars, leashes, Thundershirts, Kongs, Nylabones, puzzle toys, office & cleaning supplies
Vet Information: The Fix Machine in Kennewick 509-530-2218
“Our Mission …to provide a safe haven for dogs in desperate circumstances within our community and surrounding area.”
Wish List: Gas Cards, gift cards to Paw’s or EFC, blankets, elevated dog beds, canned food, no hide treats & chews, bully sticks, Kong toys, Omeprazole, Safe-guard dewormer
Vet Information: Vista Vet in Kennewick 509-783-2131
“Our mission …to provide a safe haven for special needs cats including seniors, FiV+, FeLV+, and differently-abled.”
Wish List: Wet & dry cat food and kitten food, scoopable litter, and potty pads.
Vet Information: Kennedy Vet in Milton Freewater 541-938-9306
Silver Cloud’s bill jumped to $8000 as cats taken in from TCAS needed significant care.
“Our focus is on reducing the time animals spend in public shelters and to assist with public education and outreach promoting responsible pet ownership.”
Wish List: Nitrile gloves (needed when caring for contagious cats… they’re using A LOT), wet wipes, puppy potty pads
Vet Information: Paw’s Claws and Hooves in West Richland 509-578-1729
You can help us make a difference!

With a little help from YOU (our clients), JPI Insurance Solutions was able to present a check to the Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation in October. As our quarterly charity partner, they were the beneficiaries of our referral fund for the third quarter and got a comically large check for $1000 (and a regular size one they could actually deposit). It was much needed this year because like every nonprofit organization in 2020, fund raising for the foundation was heavily impacted by Covid.

Funds raised in 2020 provided support for 40 cancer patients in Lincoln, Tillamook, and Yamhill counties as they battled cancer. You can read some of their stories here.

And despite the challenges the foundation has faced, they are entering 2021 with $100,000 available for cancer patients so nobody fights alone. Thank you for helping us help them!

You can learn more about Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation here. And if you want to help JPI Insurance Solutions help other nonprofits, tell your family and friends about us. For every referral we receive, we donate $20 to a local nonprofit.



Drivers for companies like Uber, DoorDash, and Instacart can pick up a few extra hours a week, adding a few thousand dollars to their annual income. And for some, making a little extra cash each month may mean they can slash their debt or even save for a dream vacation.

If you’re considering supplementing your income with a driving job, or “side hustle,” and plan to use the family vehicle… Call us before you do! We’ll do the insurance shopping for you and help get you the coverage you need at the best possible value!

Remember, we work for YOU!


Another year is winding down and we’re looking back on 2021 and all the crazy things we’ve gotten into this year.

For example, there was the spring Wishing Star Foundation fundraiser we all seem to simultaneously love, and hate… Send a Friend a Goat! We saw a veritable herd of baby goats hop, skip, and jump their way through our Kennewick office. You could say some fully embraced the disruption… Meanwhile, the rest of the office happily conspired to send the kids off to their friends in other offices. Baby goats are undeniably cute, but they might be just a little smelly. Maybe next year we’ll buy Goat Insurance!

Then the first quarter ended and there was the first round of check presentations for the new year.

Through our referral program, we raised enough money to deliver checks to local Community Care Funds in Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland and to sponsor the Breakfast with the Chief event in Salem. It’s always fun to break out the comically large check and give money away.

Speaking of pictures, summer brought warm, beautiful days… and lots of… Dog pictures?! Yes. Lots and lots of dog pictures.

We celebrated the Dog Days of Summer by asking our clients to share pics of their pets. Anyone who indulged us by sending one (or MANY) got entered in a drawing for Dairy Queen gift cards. Over the month of August we made a lot of dogs “Facebook Famous” and gave away a hundred dollars or more in ice cream. Why? Because who doesn’t love ice cream? Plus, dogs always get the likes!

Then, there was the day the folks from Camp Patriot dropped in one of our Friday lunches for a comically large check presentation and some BBQ. And the TROT epic Mane Event fundraiser some of us attended. And sponsorships of the Union Gospel Mission of Salem’s Walk for Hope and West Richland’s celebration of National Night Out. And more gift card giveaways for things like a good Snicker Bar Salad recipe, Fall Bucket List ideas, and other such nonsense.

Third quarter referral dollars went to the Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation and another sponsorship, this one for the Kicking Cancer 4 Kids Festival in Keizer, Oregon. Meanwhile in Washington, we collected and delivered school supplies for SHAKE again this year and cut them a check so they could pick up some of the things that didn’t come in through donations.

Fall brought the annual Milne Open House, where we gave away tool gift cards… Because TOOLS. We also sponsored a table at the Pacific Northwest Christian College Gala and team prizes in the Veterans Community Golf Classic.

Now we’re into the last few months of the year and as always are dedicating them to supporting our local missions during the time of the year when their need is greatest.

These are really just some of the ways we love our communities through insurance. When we’re not celebrating quirky national days by giving stuff away, or highlighting local businesses and sponsoring events, or delivering gift baskets to show our appreciation, or golfing for a cause…. We actually sell insurance!

Soooo… if you love all we do for our clients and the communities where we live and work, tell a friend!

Every time we get a client referral, we donate $20 to a quarterly charity partner. This year we’ll give away nearly $10,000 through our referral program alone!





Earlier this year, the Washington State Insurance Commissioner used his emergency powers to eliminate the use of credit scores in determining automotive insurance rates. Maybe you’re one of our clients who noticed a change when your policy renewed. For many, the difference was not significant and we may have recommended you wait until the dust settles before you considered changing carriers.

The order was temporary and has been challenged in court. Last month a Thurston County Superior Court Judge ended the emergency ruling because he didn’t see “good cause” to file this as an emergency. But it’s not over until it’s over. Insurance carriers initially had to scramble to comply and now are taking more of a wait and see approach before changing rates again.

We’ll keep you posted on this in future newsletters. There may be an appeal in the works and it could take some time for a final determination to be made. In the meantime, you’re welcome to call if you have questions. As an independent insurance agency, we work for you and will always strive to find the best value for your unique situation.

Now that the dog days of summer are officially over, what do YOU plan to do to celebrate the change of the season? If you don’t already have a Fall Bucket List, here’s some ideas to help you get one started:
Visit a Farm for Fall Festivities
Local farms offer everything from apple picking and cider pressing, to hay rides, corn mazes, and a trip to the pumpkin patch. Plan a trip for your family soon. It’s a great way to celebrate the season!
Click here to find a pumpkin patch near the Tri-Cities.
Check out these pumpkin patches around Salem.
Take a Hike
Cooler weather and fall colors make a walk in the woods something special. Grab the kids and collect a little of the season’s colors to bring home.
For hikes around Salem, click HERE.
For hikes around the Tri-Cities, click HERE.
Visit a Farmers Market (Before they close for the year)
Many of the farmers market begin closing in late September, but there are some that stay open through the end of October. It’s your last chance for farm fresh produce straight from the people who grow it. Support local food production, find a bargain or two, and make a day of it!
Salem & Surrounding Area
Tri-Cities Farmers Markets
Take a Scenic Leaf Tour
Do you wait all year for the beautiful reds and golds of fall? Check the link below for the best places to find fall colors and take a drive. Pack lunch and enjoy a picnic in the sunshine with your favorite hot beverage.
Click HERE for a National Fall Foliage Map
Create Some Fall Décor
Maybe you’re the crafty sort. The following link offers all kinds of ideas for creating fall décor with the colors of the season. If you’ve collected some leaves on a fall hike or drive, there’s bound to be an idea here you can use to display your treasures.
Click HERE for fall project ideas.
Still looking for ideas for your Fall Bucket List? Click HERE
Send us YOUR favorite Fall Bucket List items this month and we’ll enter you to win a $5 coffee card. Just shoot us an email at

Here’s wishing you all the best of the season!

Did you know…

September is National Preparedness Month and what a great time to prepare for extreme weather. What would YOUR family do if you were facing an extended power outage due to severe weather, or suddenly had to leave your home because of a natural disaster? Experts recommend having supplies for at least three days ready to go just in case something unexpected happens and your family needs to evacuate.

In the spring we covered a well-stocked emergency kit for your pets. You can find that HERE.

Having supplies on hand and a well-stocked emergency kit ready to go can assure your confidence and comfort in an emergency and may even save a life.

  • Food – Be prepared for at least three days, with enough food for each family member (pets included). Disposable plates, cups, and utensils, plus napkins will make things easier… And don’t forget the can opener if canned foods are included in your kit.
  • Water – The general rule of thumb is one gallon of potable water, per day, per family member (+ pets).
  • Prescription Medications – This is a great place for your spare pair of eyeglasses and a week’s supply of any prescription medications needed for you or other family members.
  • Essentials & First Aid Supplies – You’ll want to include a few survival essentials like a lighter, flashlight, extra batteries, wind up radio, signaling whistle, and first aid kit. You can put your first aid kit together yourself or buy one ready made for your family size and specific needs.
  • Individual Items – A few changes of clothing and a blanket or sleeping bag for each member of the family will assure your comfort should you be away from your home for a few days. Don’t forget rain gear and/or a warm jacket and sturdy shoes for everyone.
  • Basic Hygiene – It’s difficult to predict exactly where you’ll end up, despite the best of plans. Providing for your basic hygiene will help no matter the accommodations; basic toiletries for everyone, hand sanitizer, garbage bags and ties, and a disinfectant (like bleach) or sanitizing wipes could make your temporary situation safer and healthier for everyone.

Bonus TIP: When faced with the stress of an unexpected evacuation, a few comfort items could go a long way to make things just a tiny bit more bearable for everyone. Age-appropriate books, toys, or games that are small and portable could help you pass the time, especially if you have young children.

Keep everything in an easy to grab backpack, tote, or duffel bag along with a phone charger and some cash and put it in a convenient spot where it is easy to grab and go.

You can find a ton of great resources here.

National Preparedness Month

Having these essentials may come in handy.

We expect to lose more options for  long-term care coverage in Washington as we draw closer to the state’s exemption deadline. Unfortunately, LTC insurance carriers are limiting the number of policies that can be sold now. At this point, it’s also impossible to guarantee that an approval on cases submitted after this week will meet the Nov. 1st deadline for tax exemption. Agents and carriers throughout the state are inundated with new applicants.

For those who have a higher W-2 Income (over $150,000 per year), the amount of income transferred to Washington State in the coming years is likely to be very impactful. Given the limitations of the LTC market this week and until Oct. 31st, we strongly encourage you to set an appointment with Mark Rogers by visiting our LTC page. Filling out an initial intake form will help expedite the quoting process.

Long-Term Care Solutions designed for higher-income earners will still be available in the near future. Please be be patient as we work through the many applicants already in the pipeline.

Wait… WHAT?! Yes, you read that right. Washington State has launched a long-term care Trust Fund that will be funded by an increase in your payroll deductions.

Employees in the State of Washington who are W-2 status may be taxed .58% of their annual income, with no upper income cap. This does not apply to retirees, or those without a W-2 wage. In addition, those who have a private LTC policy in place before July 1st, 2021 may file for an exemption.

Act now! If you qualify for a private LTC plan, you may be able to exempt yourself from this new tax on your income.

Mark Rogers, Certified Long-Term Care Specialist


Learn More HERE

Did you know vintage travel trailers were “a thing?” They have enjoyed popularity for a few years now… For those of you interested in maybe checking some out, here’s a list of rallies and events across the country this summer (Along with some fun vintage pics): 27 Vintage Trailer Rallies (Be sure to check ahead for 2021 dates and information). There’s even a great little rally right here in Roslyn, Washington… generally in June, on Fathers Day weekend! If you go, you can can take a peek inside some of the trailers on display and browse the vendors on hand. Just be sure to check out the town of Roslyn, as well.

Roslyn is about 140 miles northwest of the Tri-Cities area and is surrounded by forest land great for hiking, camping, fishing, gold panning, and rock hounding. The historic downtown still boosts the moose mural made famous in the television series, Northern Exposure. And the local watering hole, “The Brick” is billed as the oldest continuously operating tavern in the state of Washington. Here’s a few other things to look for in Roslyn, Washington.

But back to vintage trailers… Tina Headley, our JPI agent in Walla Walla, likes to buy and restore vintage trailers. Check out her current project in the picture below! And she’s not the only one in the JPI family who’s into trailer restoration and/or camping. There are more than a few of us who love to enjoy the Pacific Northwest in comfort and style!

Do you have a trailer you’re readying for the summer season? Vintage or not, be sure to get it travel-ready and check your current insurance coverage before you hit the road.

Tina’s trailer is a 60s era Ken-Craft, and it isn’t her first project trailer! She recently sold a vintage trailer she restored and currently uses this one for camping while working on the restoration. Ken-Craft made trailers from the mid 50s to the late 70s. They were one of the first travel trailers molded in fiberglass, a relatively new material at the time selected because it was both strong and lightweight.