1. America Ferrera insures her smile for $10,000,000!
If “any reasonable and necessary dental treatment costs or expenses that result from accidental injury” the policy will cover her smile, teeth & gums! Lloyd’s of London is the insurance company that will write the check should something go wrong!

2. Taco Bell purchased insurance to cover their Taco giveaway!
Taco Bell promised everyone in America a taco if the Mir Space Station crashed at a specific location in the Pacific Ocean. The policy was worth about $280 Million, enough to cover 1 taco for every American!

3. Hole-In-One Insurance
At the next golf tournament that promises a new car or a bundle of cash from a hole sponsor, it’s extremely likely they won’t have to foot the bill! Most sponsors buy an insurance policy, that if there is a hole-in-one, will pay out the value of the prize! So, don’t feel bad for the hole sponsor next time you ace your shot!

4. Your credit score can significantly impact the cost of your insurance.
Nearly all insurance companies have credit-based “insurance scores” where the higher the score, the better the rate. The lower the score, the more expensive it gets! If you have zero traffic accidents and claims but pay a lot for your insurance, chances are, your spending habits are what’s costing you the most!

5. Think twice before buying that cute puppy!
Home insurance policies often prohibit certain dog breeds! There were over $600 Million in dog liability claims in 2017 – it’s a serious matter. So, before you fall in love with that puppy, call your agent to make sure you will have coverage for the breed you love!

6. Insurance is sexist!
Two teenagers with zero claims or tickets – but the teenage male is charged more than a teenage female for auto insurance? It’s true! Why? Statistically, teenage males cause more damage than teenage females.

7. No insurance for you!
No insurance company is willing to offer Jackie Chan’s movie company coverage due to the activities in the films. Jackie Chan offers to cover all medical bills of his stuntmen, having to self-insure his films!

8. Steven Spielberg has the most expensive life insurance policy at $1.2 Billion!